Below are links to videos that show the cruelty, the barbarity of the Hamas assault on Israelis. These videos are just a few examples of the many that have emerged since the attack on 10/7. We’ll present more in the future.
WARNING: The videos below contain images and audio that may be disturbing. Discretion is advised.
“New videos surface of Hamas attack on Israel” [4:22]
“Hamas attack Israel’s Kibbutz Sufa: Newly surfaced video details terrorists infiltrating homes” [3:41]
“Pediatrician in Israel treating Hamas victims: ‘Never thought I would ever see’ this” [5:44]
“Israeli Medico’s Last Message To Family Before Hamas Killed Her: ‘They’re Here…’ ” [4:50]
“Hamas terrorists livestreamed Israel murders amid attack, sister of victim says” [14:16]
“Families crushed as relatives now confirmed dead” [7:25]
Photo: Shutterstock
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