When adjusted for relative population size (Israel and the U.S.), the 1,400 Israelis murdered in the Hamas terror attack on 10/7 are equivalent to approximately 46,000 Americans — more than 15 times the toll of the Al-Qaeda attack on 9/11. It is a shocking, incomprehensible loss for Israel and the Jewish people.
We at Project Star of David condemn the unprovoked, heinous attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists, and we mourn the loss of life and destruction that have resulted. We pray for the recovery of the thousands who have been wounded, and for the safe return of the hostages.
Yes, we regret the loss of innocent Palestinian lives in Gaza, but we’re clear about who is responsible for those deaths: Hamas. The terrorist organization knew many of their fellow Gazans would die as a result of their attack on Israelis and caried it out anyway.
In its charter, Hamas states its purpose and aims: To annihilate Israel and kill Jews. No alleged grievances on the part of Palestinians can explain, excuse, or justify the Hamas onslaught and the barbaric atrocities committed — which even included the deliberate, cold-blooded murder of infants, children, and the elderly.
Never forget, naver again!
— Lenny Giteck, Publisher and Editor
Image: Shutterstock
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