On October 7, 2023, the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas carried out the largest, most barbaric mass murder of Jews since the Nazi Holocaust. Below are articles and videos about the Hamas attack and the war that has ensued.
WARNING: Some of the content linked below may be disturbing. Discretion is advised.
1.  Video: Full Netanyahu: Everyone in the world is ‘sitting on the bleachers’ [18:50] | Click here
2.  The enemy is in Tehran — opinion | Click here
3.  Hamas blocks IDF fuel delivery to Gaza’s Shifa Hospital | Click here
4.  Video: IDF [to evacuate] Gaza hospital and eliminate Hamas infrastructure underneath [3:51] | Click here
5.  Video: Israeli President Isaac Herzog speaks to i24 amidst Gaza war [19:18] | Click here
6.  Video: See the unique way Israelis honor those killed on October 7th [4:55] | Click here
7.  Hamas hid weapons, explosives in a kindergarten, IDF troops find | Click here
8.  Video: They thought they had seen it all: Forensic Institute personnel speak about the horrors [10:15] | Click here
9.  Video: Israel-Hamas War: We haven’t identified all of the massacred bodies, ‘they were burned so badly’ [14:09] | Click here
10. Video: Cartoonist discusses his cartoon about Hamas deleted by Washington Post [7:59] | Click here